Cheap and easy environmental swaps


I am slowly putting together a more detailed post about my journey to improving my environmental impact but for now I thought I would do a quick and easy post to show you that it doesn’t have to be expensive to make some simple swaps!

SWAP #1 : Single Use Plastic Bottles to Reusable Bottle

Kmart stainless steel bottle $7
Starting as little as $3 but this one was my favorite!

SWAP #2 : Single use Coffee Cups to Reusable Travel Mugs

Target ceramic travel mug $5
Did you know that places like Zarraffas gives you a shot of coffee or up sizes you for free if you bring your own cup AND it doesn’t even need to be a branded Zarraffas cup!

SWAP # 3 : Reusable straws instead of plastic or those soggy paper straws

Kmart stainless steel straws 3 pack & brush cleaner $3
I carry one in my handbag all the time now!

SWAP #4 : Tea infuser and loose leaf tea instead of tea bags

Coles tea infuser $2
DID YOU KNOW that some companies uses a sealing plastic to keep tea bags from falling apart .. GROSS

SWAP #5: Microfibre cloths instead of household wipes and paper towel

Office work micro fiber cloth $3.75
Different colors for different surfaces which is handy

SWAP #6 : Diva cups instead of pads or tampons (unless you are donating to Share the Dignity which is a GREAT cause for women in need of sanitary supplies)

Diva cups start from around $30
Not only great for the environment but can save you an estimated $200 a year and is so much better for the health of your vagina!

SWAP # 7: Re-purposing your glass jars

Any glass jar
Herbs, food storage, smoothie cups and using them for scoop and weighs at your local food store like coles, woolworths or health stores.

Don’t have the money to spend right now? Try these instead …
1. Save water and shorten shower times
2. Turn down your heater
3. Air dry your clothes
4. Save energy by unplugging items from power points that are not in use

In the works for the blog
– D.I.Y chemical free house hold cleaner
– D.I.Y beauty products
– Meatless Monday inspo for the meat eaters

Just one of these swaps can help significantly reduce your impact
Let me know in the comment box below if you have another swap idea and if you are going to implement something from my list!

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